Friday – midterm presentation

On Friday all of us were quite busy, working and preparing for the evening presentation at KIBU. Especially Aliz, who “worked as a bull” – according to Annelys -  to set up the Indesign file with all the material that we produced during the week.

The outcome of the first week was much more than any of us, even Annelys, expected: 120 pages of pure creativity!

In the beginning Frank Béla was presenting the Hopper type which is probably the biggest release of a single typeface family in Hungary and will be used as the typeface for the atlas.

We started at around 5 pm and each of us, one by one, presented her/his work. It was really interesting to see how different people approached differently the tension between an atlas and subjective content.

Each of us spoke for approximately 5 minutes, so it took quite a while to reach the last person, but you can’t help it when there are nearly 40 contributors. Can you?

We also invited a few guests to ask for their professional opinion and critiques: Bakos Gábor (on behalf of ARC and Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Intermedia Department), Farkas Anna (MATT – Society of Hungarian Graphic Designers and Typographers), Nánay Fanni (PLACCC Festival), Polyák Levente (KÉK- Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre) and Tóth Ali (the Room – fashion & art magazine)

Their remarks were inevitably valuable as they represented partner organizations that work in different fields: art, design and architecture. So not only they had different perspectives but they also enjoyed the outsiders’ view of the works already made.

Their presence was priceless and they really helped us a lot. We even had a debate covering the topics of feminism and social sensitivity.

So summing the day up: it was busy and important. It was good to see that all of us are really committed and take the project seriously.

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