About the creative process

by Bujdosó Attila

This Atlas came into being through the joint efforts of some 50 contributors and a young Hungarian graphic designer, Aliz Borsa. They were all selected through an open call. The only condition of participation was experience in visual communication and self-expression. In the course of selection we aimed at having a group of varied knowledge and a multitude of professional experiences, thus, in addition to artists and designers, we also invited architects, IT-specialists, sociologists, hackers and public life activists to participate. The invitation to participate was distributed via the wide-ranging network of Kitchen Budapest.

Annelys de Vet – the owner of the concept of the subjective country atlases – personally met the contributors at a two-week workshop. They contributed not only their ideas, but also their concrete visual works to the Atlas. The workshop was organised at Kitchen Budapest, between 22 November and 3 December, 2010. Most of the brainstorming sessions, discussions and the greater part of the collaborative work took place here. The creative effort was also stimulated by presentations by invited speakers. We received feedback from the external experts – invited on the recommendation of our professional partners – and the audience through two public presentations (one interim and one closing) during the two-week workshop.

The workshop was followed by the refinement and finalisation of the works. This was done by he contributors independently, or in small teams. Using our online channels of communication (mailing list) the works made at the workshop were presented on the blog at http://subjectiveatlas.kibu.hu. The comment system integrated into Facebook enabled not only the presentation of the creative process and publication to a wider audience, but also the management of feedback from external observers. The designing and final editing of the Atlas took place at the Brussels studio of Annelys de Vet in 2011, and it was completed in Budapest and Gödöllő.

You can read more about the progress in former blog posts.

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